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Cloud Solution

This solution allows you to make changes to the website without a web-developer or programmer, allows you to host and manage any solutions in a private cloud.

Enterprise Edition

For the corporate segment we
provide Enterprise solution which has two basic configurations: Base and Base+.

Additional Modules

The version of Base+ allows to have additional modules which provide more opportunities: +CRM, +Store, +Doc-Flow, +Transport and others.

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Create Account

Are you ready to start your project?
You need to create your own personal account. For the security of our users, the system provides two login options using one-time verification codes. Codes are obtained either on the phone in the form of sms, or in the mail. After entering the code, the system allows you to access the control panel of the personal cabinet.

Select Type of Cloud

In the system various types of clouds are represented. They are preconfigured for use with a variety of software. Our engineers took care of optimizing system resources for a particular project. We do not sell you software or a license to use it, unless explicitly indicated. We use open releases for free use. Cloud differs in the power of computing resources and configurations.

Buy or Add you Domaine

You can purchase or add an existing domain. It’s simple. Select a name, define a domain zone, the system will check its availability and offer a cost. You will still have to pay through popular payment services and the domain will be automatically connected to your account. 
If the domain already exists, you just need to add it to your account and ask the helpdesk to switch this domain to our system addresses. 
We can provide a subdomain system name without payment.


You have an account, you have a domain name, you have chosen the type of Cloud! Click the start button and launch your project into the world!

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